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Everyone has jumped onto the free wifi at the hospital. Sooooo sllllooooowwww

This damn bench is the one of the worst places i have ever slept.

I am not going to get much sleep tonight. I will probaby just leave random questions in everyone’s box.

I ran down to grab dinner. I got the largest potato with a ton of butter, cheese and bacon. I am at the hospital so if i have a heart attack i should be ok.

That little bench is my bed tonight.

That little bench is my bed tonight.

Apparently when you are a baby and the doctors cant get an iv in to your veins tue wikk stick a thing into tour bone to get fluids in you. Yes she has it in her leg.

I am going to get a new mailbox. My new residence will be at the hospital. They are going to keep my baby girl there till the surgery, 2 weeks. I am taking off work and using vacation and adoption leave. Depending on how things go i will probably be up there for 3 weeks. This will be worse than the two months she was in nicu.